Business & Residential

We're committed to interior plantings that look terrific. Keeping plants looking healthy and vibrant is what we do best. If a plant begins to look anything but healthy, we replace it at our cost.

Our frequent, routine maintenance guarantees beautiful plants year round - NO HASSLES, NO HEADACHES!

Click Here to view just a few of our clients throughout Southwest Louisiana.

Event Rentals

Making your event beautiful and as special as possible is our mission. Introducing life via living plants adds an added level of class no matter what the reason. Clients of ours have used our services to simply "cover up" unsightly areas of a venue or they have used them to simply beautify their event. Whatever your reason for considering live plants, we will do our best to insure high quality and top notch service.

Below you will find a link to view a few photos from some events we have done, perhaps this will spark some ideas for your own event...

Click Here to view just a few of our work at events throughout Southwest Louisiana.


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